About Us

our approach

Our Approach

Our strength is our approach says a wise quote. We find out what people should know, what they needs and help them to do it better to improve their lives in virtual life, to get solution for their problems. Through innovative thinking and technical knowledge, we enable communities and all people around the world to build on their skills in technology and experience to produce practical solutions to their most pressing needs in this field.

Our Story

Our story begins with an idea that came into our heads in 2017 to make some changes and offer to people whatever they need about technology. It started when we were a small and ambitious group of hi-tech colleagues and information technology (IT), who shared a common vision, enthusiastic to find the next “big thing” for Internet users and their needs.

Meet the Team

Elena Fisteku, Rinor Klaiqi and Elion Sadiku.

This is our team, and we have a same vision and the same dreams for helping people finding solutions to problems that they are facing in technology. We thing that our team have the enthusiasm and the strength to change things for better.


Vice President

Rini K was appointed Vice President for Business and Finance of dailystuffs in 2017.



Eli S is the Chief Financial Officer at DailyStuffs, where he manages the company's finances and played a key role.


Technology can and will be our best friend day by day. We are going to face a lot of problems while we will use application and other things in online or offline field. So do not stop trying to help other with their problems same as us.