Computer types and and their use

Today there are 4 different Computer types. Computer types are distinguished by their capacity, speed, price and so on.

PC personal computers(Most used of computer types)

As the name suggests are used by a user, maybe most used from all types of computers. PCs are 4, the most common computers that can be found in offices and homes. Modern computers are very powerful, they can run, simultaneously different applications, and use different audio and video devices.
Personal computers can connect to other network computers. Most modern businesses use computers connected to the network. The network consists of several computers that are interconnected to one another. They can communicate with each other and share them. shared resources like printers.


Computers of networks are also called Clients

While the computer that manages their shared network resources is called the Server. Clients also depend on the server for opening applications and storing data. The network’s copier is cheaper than a personal computer as it does not need large storage space. Personal computers and computers on the network are known as smart terminals because they have their own processor and memory by which they can perform certain tasks independently of the server. Larger, larger computers can serve different users at different terminals. These terminals are 4, known as dumb terminals, because they consist only of keyboard and monitor and can not, perform any kind of calculations.

Minicomputers are designed for complex calculations

And it can serve a number of users connected to it through the terminals. These computers are more expensive than personal computers.
Mainframe computers are large computers designed to carry out large-scale tasks and are able to serve many terminals. Mainframe computers are commonly used by large institutions such as banks, government and others.

Laptops are lightweight mobile computers.

They can be used anywhere, but are mostly used by businessmen on trips. By design Laptops are very similar to personal computers and are commonly used by a user at the same time. However, laptops are also more expensive than personal computers. Today there are different types of computer in use. Depending on their design and configuration they can serve a user, many users or function as part of the networkComputer types.

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