How to find Country code for all states

Country code is very easy to find, it does not matter for which country you want to find it.

This article will show you how to find the prefix number or County code of one state in the easiest way you can imagine.

Each country of world has its own code for international calls that is known as prefix number or Country code. For example: If you want to make a phone call in any United States of America country, you will need to know the country’s phone entry code so that you can make the call.

This page will teach and show to you how to make calls from a country to an other country, for example from United Kingdom to United States Of America.

For everyone it will be impossible to memorize all country codes and this article will do it for you. We will memorize for you it!

Also after you make searches for one state, you will get some extra information. It will show the time difference between countries, also some information for this country you are going to search. Except the information for country code, you are going take information for CURRENCY, Latitude, Longitude, Area, Population, Capital City etc.

To do it, you have to open your browser and put the this page on browser Countrycode, and start browsing for the country you want to find the prefix number. So, if a country have more country codes, it is going to show all this codes to you.

To find the code you want, you can do it in manually way or by typing the name of country.

Country code 1

After you do that, it will give to you the option to put and your state and will show all information and the way to call to the state you have searched for.

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