How to use multiple accounts in Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger is an application that allow you to communicate with people in the most easy way.

Getting messages instantly and in real time makes the Facebook messenger to be the most completed application for doing that. What is the best thing about this application is that is free to use. It have a lot of options like video chat, voice chat, secret chat(an option that wipes all your messages after the time you set to do it).

To use all of this features and others that maybe we did not mentioned, all you have to do is to install this application in your device. For Androids to use Facebook messenger, you can install it from Play Store, for iOS users in Apple Store.

Facebook messenger, now have an option that allows you to use multiple accounts without signing out from previous account. It means that before we had to sign out from the previously account to open another account.

To use Facebook messenger, all you have to do is first to install and to have an account. Sometimes we need to sign in two or more accounts or some friends ask us to use your phone for opening the messenger.

We are going to show how to do it step by step illustrating with pictures and showing the procedures.

Open the Facebook messenger application, that will show the signed account of you for first, that looks like this (see the picture):

Facebook messenger 1

Right up you can see your photo as showed in this screenshot with number one in it, click that photo, and this will show you all settings that you can make for your application. See the next picture:

Facebook messenger 2

Scroll down and find the option Switch Account, that is the options for using multiple accounts. After you click on it, you are going to be on the section that allows you to use this feature.

Facebook messenger 3

Put your username and password and sign in to use the second account.


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