What is the Internet and how can it be utilized?

What is the Internet and how can it be utilized? The Internet is the definition of a global network that consists of many connected networks.

The unique issue of the Internet is that you can access, with so much information through it. If you need, you can search for and find a variety of information different themes, save them or even typing. The main features of the Internet are: WWVV, FTP, E-mail, Chat, E-Commerce.

The difference between the World Wide Web (WWW) and the Internet

The Internet is a massive network that consists of other networks, namely a computer network infrastructure. It connects millions of computers from around the globe forming a network where each computer can communicate with another computer anywhere in the world, provided both are connected to the Internet. Information traveling through the internet uses a variety of languages known as protocols. On the other hand, the World Wide Web is a way of accessing information via the Internet medium. It is a model that is built over the Internet and uses its HTTP protocol for broadcasting The Web is just one of the ways that information can be accessed through the Internet.

Information networks:
-LAN (Local Area Network)
-MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) ‘
-Client / Server
-Workgroup Workgroup Work

LAN (Local Area Network)
It is a computer network system that connects computers and peripheral devices to an office or company. The devices are located in a small physical distance. This connection is made for the common use of resources, hence their separation (p. a printer is used by some users)


(MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
When Computers located at large distances are interconnected by computer network then we are dealing with WAN. Example may be a company that has offices in two remote cities and users have the opportunity to exchange information two offices.


Client / Server
A network architecture in which any computer on the network is either a client or a server. Servers are a powerful computer dedicated to managing disks, duplicators, or network traffic. Servers provide data for all computers that are within the network. Clients in On the other hand, they are personal computers (PCs) in which users use application programs. Clients are connected to servers for resource-intensive users, such as files and devices, as well as processors.

Workgroup work

Some computers connected to the network represent a workgroup. In this case, users can share the pushback, modem, scanner, but also their computer information. they give access to other users in their resources. The workgroup also has its own shortcomings, since in case of more user access on a computer, it will slow down much, then the security is smaller and if it is mistaken in granting rights, it may also come to various misuse.



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