How to use your phone as a webcam camera

In this article, we are going to show how to use your phone (iOS, Android or Nokia systems) as a webcam.

You do not have a webcam camera for your computer? Now you do not need one, safe your money by reading this simple article.

What you need to do is to install some programs or applications on your devices. In your personal computer and your phone, you have to install some programs that i will tell in this article to create an ‘access point’ for your computer and your phone to connect to each other.

First of all, the main problem why to some people it does not work is because they did not have connected their devices in same network. So, connect your devices in same network connection.

Phone camera will be turned in High Definition camera to use in all applications as Skype, Facebook messenger in PC and many other applications.

Best thing is that this application supports the audio.

The concept of this application is that it turn your camera in wireless camera. You can use it as a wireless bar code for PC, it may be useful for markets or other shopping stores. It is the fastest remote desktop application for your phone.

You have to download the EpocCam at Kinoni website, click at EpocCam to be redirected to the download website.

Download the drivers for your computer, click at view setup guide:

webcam eppocam

This redirect you to other page that show how to download this program, click Download and install Kinoni Remote Desktop Server to your PC from here(click at from here).

webcam kinoni

Now install this program on your computer. Now you have to download the same application that is called Epoccam on your phone using Play Store or Apple store.

phone webcam

Open this application in computer and connect via IP(don’t forget you have to be connected in same network to all devices).


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